Monday, December 20, 2010

My First Library Card

I got my first library card when I was in grade one. I was only six years old then.

I remember how my teacher, Ms. Pagkalinawan, would have us all grade one students line up for a trip to the library. Our library at that time looked like a cave with its walls painted white. There were books on display and we were allowed to choose books we can borrow for a period of time. The librarian, Ms. Oliva, was a plump lady with a cute little smile. On that first visit, she gave a library orientation that focused on the expected behavior at the library.

I could write at grade one but Ms. Oliva and Ms. Pagkalinawan wrote the title of books for us. See how few were the books I borrowed? My mom, who's a librarian, filled the gaps.

In sixth grade, my affair with the school library was rekindled when I discovered the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series in the shelves of the "new" library. It didn't look like a cave anymore. Plus, there was a quaint mezzanine inside that housed the Filipiniana collection.

I would love to visit my old school again to see how the library has grown and evolved. Hopefully, I could get the chance since our batch, PCS High School Batch '90, will have a reunion.

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