Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blogsights: Web 2.0 Reflections

From Joeper -

The Web 2.0

It’s always very exciting to learn new things.  The good things about free seminar workshop are that you are learning new things at no cost. I love to accept such invitations. I believe in my life motto “opportunity knocks only once”, grab it while it’s hot.

Media is everywhere and doesn’t sleep, many scientist and innovators continue researching for new things and advancements. We need to go with the flow or else we will be left behind. Information nowadays is so easy to access by means of Internet. This present generation is almost close to paperless generation. You can have information in a device called computer and even on handheld computing devices. These information can be carried anywhere in your community or around the globe.

Information on the web is a great help to mankind. To know information about places even when you aren’t there, you can feel the ambience of that place. You don’t need a bundle of books to trace the history of our grandfathers. You can promote businesses for less advertisement fees.

The web is a giant on air. Without leaving home, you can share ideas, personal experiences and opinions to your relatives and to the people that you know. Sharing information, giving tips and tricks and making some announcements are moving fast in the information superhighway and delivered it right into your computer in few seconds.

Now it’s time to plug and connect our wireless brain to face the new challenge and a new way of income generator. Earning without leaving the comfort of your home is the best. Let’s make a blog and socialize in online networking.

One participant wished to remain anonymous --

Web 2.0 Technology

Web 2.0 technology is very important to people especially for the librarians because by means of these there’s an interaction between the user and the provider of information. With the help of the technology and media, we are now more aware and updated into the advancement of different technologies. They give us enough knowledge and skills especially in communication skills. We can communicate with the other libraries and ask what are the new trends we have now that can really help us and also to our valued users. Through this web 2.0 technology, example is blog/blogging; we can now gain insights or thoughts of different topics in different places. But creating a blog is not an easy task, although we can do it by ourselves, we should have to know how to manage our time and control the limit. Before we share the information to the users, as a librarian we should have enough knowledge and have patience in sharing information.

Note from SLIA: Reflections (previous posts and current ones) by participants are posted in its unedited versions.

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