Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Me-anne Jimenez-Salvador writes her insights on the Web 2.0 Technology seminar-workshop I conducted at De La Salle University , Dasmarinas, Cavite last November 26, 2010.
It seems that blogging is enjoyable thing to do. But my question is, do I have time on earth to do this thing?  
First, I don’t have access on the site except today because we have workshop and we need to familiarize ourselves with the different blogs by librarians and hopefully be inspired by it. Second, as a unit head, I do need to ensure that our unit – the Readers’ Services is running well because we are the front liners of the library plus I have monthly exhibit to conceptualize and implement plus I have bi-monthly library newsletter to write. Besides, we have so many paper works to do in preparation for PAASCU and other accreditation.  
Third, after office, I have Espasyo Siningdikato, a not-for-profit  community-based artists initiative to take care of. As President, I have to lead the group and think of creative ideas which we could organize and implement and to look for other organizations and agencies to link-up with. 
Fourth, I am the current director for membership and awards of PAEA. There I am expected to raise more members and encourage them to be active in the group. Also, they asked me to think of awards that we could give to our members to honor, motivate and encourage them to excel more on their profession as art educator. 
And lastly, I also need to fulfill my passion to create and produce artworks for the upcoming exhibits of Grupo Ocho, another art group of mine. This is a pool of artists based in Cavite and we exist to hold group art show in Tagaytay and other nearby towns, our way of propagating Cavite art.

With all of these activities, when could I find time to do blogging and where could I do this? I think  I am the one who can best answer this question and what I better way of answering this but to read and reflect on the passage in theEcclesiastes 3:1-15, A Time for Everything.

I will posting more insights by participants, especially on blogging since this activity is a good example of Web 2.0 technology.

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