Thursday, December 23, 2010

Library Open House

A library open house is one of the many library promotional activities that librarians can organize for their learning community. The later being its recipient and the former, the provider of services and information. What is a library open house, exactly? Its meaning varies from one library to another. But, the main purpose for doing so remains the same -- to inform the learning community that the services and information that the library provide is open for all.  

Stanford University's Information Center had a library open house that showcased new formats of information that's available for research.  Michigan State University's library open house included games and trivia contests. At Adamson University, their library open house involved a book sale, an awarding of library patrons and a series of seminar-workshops for the patrons of the library. Indeed, the library open house can be tailored made to fit the patrons' needs vis-a-vis the existing collection and services of the library.

Another activity that a library open house can have would be the display and the selection of books and other resources for purchase. Library patrons can take part in selecting and reviewing possible library resources for acquisition. And, if time would allow it, have them browse through a materials and resources for weeding out. This would entail weeks of planning and the writing of proposals that school administrators would approve. 

Note that a library open house is an activity that would help librarians strategize in the development and management of a rich and growing collection. This is the crux of the matter in doing library promotional activities. More than the image and the partnership the librarians forge with the community, promotional activities should result to an improved library collection and an efficient library service. 

Other activities that can be incorporated in the library open house would be, book talks, tech-training and orientation of new faculty or users of the library to its rules, guidelines and facility.

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