Thursday, January 24, 2008

Book Trip

Last Friday January 18, 2008, Baby Alfonso (Acquisitions Librarian) and I went out on official business to Fullybooked Bonifacio High Street. There we selected books for our boys (from preschool to Gr. 7) and DVDs for the content areas. It was Baby's first time to see the 4 storey bookstore while it was my third time around. Being there reminded me of my visit to Singapore's Kinokinuya.

If only Philippine libraries are are as spacious and well stocked as bookstores like Fullybooked and Kinokinuya, then, it will attract readers by the hundreds. But who will risk investing millions on libraries? Wanted: Philantropist!


Janet Brown said...

Dear Zarah,
Corinne at PaperTigers alerted me to your blog, which I think is an extremely valuable addition to the community of readers in cyberspace. (I'm the newest addition to the PT blog, at The Tiger's Bookshelf, which is a blog/book group for lovers of literature written for children.) I'm very interested in the idea expressed in the SCBI post that points out that children's literature in different parts of the world is shaped by different dreams and hopes and values. There's a book called The Happiness of Kati, published in Thai, translated into English, that certainly bears that observation out--also The Clay Marble by Ming-Fong Ho. Can you (or any of your readers)give me the names of writers from the Philippines who write in English direct their books toward the 8-12 age group? I'm eager to look at the culture and dreams that they express!

Zarah C. Gagatiga said...

hi janet! thank you for your interest on philippine children's literature.

here is a link to start you off -

you can google the names of the filipino writers mentioned in the website. good luck!

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