Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Blogs & Networking

I delight in knowing that people outside the Philippine borders are discovering my blog. Once in a while I would get emails from people telling me of their discovery of SLIA via the blogosphere. This morning, I got an email from Corrine Robson who runs the Paper Tiger Blog.

She has great interest on multicultural books and events on children's literature in the Philippines that she asked of these in her email. PBBY will be celebrating the 25th National Children's Book Day this July so I made mention about it when I emailed her back. This goes to show how blogs and the Internet can help people from different places bridge gaps and get information. The world is indeed becoming smaller, but all the more richer it's been. Barriers are broken down; new meaning and world views are constructed.

Cheers to an exciting blogging year ahead!

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