Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year Greetings!

Of course, greetings and wishes of a happy and prosperous New Year filled my inbox, in email and in mobile phone, yesterday and the other day. Text messages from friends and family were a plenty. Most SMS I got from them contain names of kids and spouse, so I was amused when writer-friends, Augie & Mike Rivera, sent me a New Year greeting bearing the name of all their storybook characters from Benito to Elias, Sibuyan to Ampalaya, Segunda to Lea.

Another amusing SMS came from my mother. It goes like this:

May the fleas of a million dogs infest the butt of the person who spoils your year and may his arms grow too short to scratch his back.

You don't my mom, but I do so the context of the message is beyond humor and a few good laughs. I have always found her to be wielding a magic all her own. Receiving the SMS gave me goosebumps upon complete comprehension of it all. Speaking of magic, Neni SR Cruz, PBBY co-member, sent one fantatsic SMS that she got from writer Neil Gaiman --

May your year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness; I hope you read some fine books; and kiss someone who thinks you are wonderful; and don't forget to make some art - write or draw, or build or sing or live; And I hope, somewhere this year, you surprise yourself!"

I think I will just do all of that for 2008 and the years to come. I never know, really, I might just surprise myself this time around.

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Zarah - I'm pleased to have come across your blog! is always looking for events happening in the Philippines with regards to children's and young adult's literacy so we'll be checking back with you often! All the best for 2008 and thanks for putting us in contact with Lara Suguisag.

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