Monday, January 21, 2008

Filipino Librarians In The News

I found this while reading Ruel De Vera's review of Kenneth Yu's Philippine Genre Stories in the PDI. Follow the links to read the names of the Filipino Librarians who will be getting some awards from PAARL.

I hope next time, the press release would include what the awards are for and what accomplishments the awardees have contributed to Philippine and International librarianship. Young librarians like me need models to look up to. Besides, non-librarian readers would be informed of the work that librarians truly do in the academe, in research and in government service. I do not like to think that the motive for giving awards, either in the field of librarianship or another, is given with a political agenda.

But this is the Philippines. We're Filipinos. We're either political or personal.
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