Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pinoy Edublog Awards

Awards and recognitions are feel good instruments that either blow the ego or humble the spirit to continue doing a job well done. In the Pinoy blogosphere there is the Pinoy Blog Awards, an anual event recognizing the best and the brazen bloggers in the country. Then there is WikiPilipinas who honored some bloggers who made waves and caused an impact in the realm of Pinoy blogopshere last year. And are we (Filipino Blograrians) not proud of Von Totanes whose blog was named as the best in the catageroy of "communities" by WikiPilipinas? Of course we are. But the thing is, Von is still baffled.

What baffles me, on the other hand, is the exclusion of education as a category in the list. Could it be that every blog out there has educational value depending on who the reader/user of the blog is? Or is it because blogs for education, on teaching and instruction and about the academe are complicated to judge since judges would require, in the first place, theoretical knowledge on pedagogy and instructional technology? Blogs for teaching goes beyond the design factor. Besides, blogs used as teaching tools are not set up as popularity portals. Does the education sector have to set up its own blog awards to acknowledge the effective and eficient use of blogs in teaching and instruction?

Such musings led me to check some links via the IASL blog. There I found the edublog awards! The categories range from best teacher blog to best librarian/library blog; best educational wiki to best educational use of social netwroking services. From the list of categories, I have the impression that in the US, bloggers and educators alike have a progressive and advanced perspective on the utility of blogs as educational tools. Can the Pinoy blogsophere come up with something like it?

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