Sunday, July 31, 2005

Schools of Thought

The recent hulabaloo on Cristobal's article led me to a conclusion that there exist two schools of thought pervaiding Philippine Librarianship today. One school of thought is the complacent and traditional idea that librarians are docile professionals who do their work quietly in the library. Librarians who hold this belief are aware of the issues and problems that beset the profession and they appear to accept this lot as a matter of course. It's the life that librarians lead.

The other school of thought is the integrative and action oriented idea that librarians are key players in the organization, creation and communication of information, concepts and knowledge. Librarians who adhere to this philosophy think of solutions to better the profession. They assert their important role as collaborators to stake holders of the school, the academe and the leaders in their institution and organization. They articulate the valuable contributions that their libraries and information centers can offer and provide the community. In this changing world of technology and information, librarians are indispensable professionals.

Cristobal must have met many a librarian who believe in the first school of thought. Too bad, he has yet to meet the "other" kind.

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