Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Technology Bytes!

I made a presentation about the proposed Xavier School E-Learning Framework seminar to our school's Middle Level Administrators yesterday. This is in consonance to the school's initiative to strengthen ICT integration in teaching and instruction. As the point person in the Grade School, it is my task to bridge technology to teachers. The MLA's or Subject Coordinators should be the first to know on trends such as this.

While they found the E-Learning an enriching experience, one where teachers and students can benefit from, they expressed a need that I myself have overlooked.

Two years ago, we had a training session on Web Enhanced Teaching (WET). The product of that training gave teachers the confidence to tweak and tinker with technology. In time, some teachers became competent PowerPoint makers. A good number of them employ strategies in using websites in teaching. I have witnessed teachers who used yahoogroups to enhance lessons. Our school website became the venue for publishing students works. But, there are still areas to improve on like, the selection of age appropriate websites; making PowerPoint presentations more interactive; involving students to web activities that allow them to construct their knowledge; using a variety of instructional technology and ICT to specific learning needs; and, the clamor to fortify sound reading skills.

Whew! Overwhelming, indeed.

I can only think of tracing back the steps. What needs to be done is to pick up from where we left off after WET. Perhaps, an evaluation of the existing technology infrastructure is a must. Likewise, the inventory of ICT integration skills among teachers is another. To make these manifest requires the support of educational leaders. Another force to contend with?

The MLA's also echoed the technical preparations and requirements necessary to make E-Learning successful. So it turned out that our committee still has a lot to work on.

Technology bytes (got the pun?), but it doesn't really hurt.

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