Saturday, July 9, 2005

Blogging in HKU

I'm in the Main Library of Hong Kong University right now, typing this blog entry as I wait for 2.30 pm. Concurrent sessions begin at exactly the time allotted for so, I'm taking this opportunity to blog since I haven't updated my blogs for three days.

The IASL Conference boast of an impressive program, as well as paper presenters. Three professional papers from the Philippines made it to the prestigious line up. It's still really too early to talk about them and the insights I gained from the morning session. Rest assured that I will. :-) Soon.

Right now, I'm enjoying the environment of Hong Kong University. It so reminds me of Baguio. It's raining hard and it's giving off a romantic appeal - a campus built on top of the mountain, trees, ponds and gardens abound, a Pinay scholar attending her first international conference.

I miss home.

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