Monday, July 18, 2005

Proud Potterite

Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm a Harry Potter freak. I once organized a Battle of the Wizards activity in our school. I came to school that day of the finals wearing a blue and gold wizard costume. My coteachers thought me crazy, but I don't mind. I had to be Madame Pince with the British accent. My grade 5 students loved me to bits! Other than gaining their fondness and respect (You just have to trust kids, you know. They don't mind seeing the humorous side of their teachers. In fact, it made me real to them. They do perceive teachers as boring who lead uneventful lives. They have no idea!), I realized that fantasy and science fiction are genres they devoured!

That was three years ago. My boys are now grown teen agers battling peer pressure and beastly hormonal changes. Those who joined the contest back then are writing for the school paper and attending advanced classes in junior year. I bet, that like me, they have copies of HP 6 bought or reserved already. I can now imagine what my late night IM discussions would be. I'm sure we would be talking about Harry, Ron and Hermione like they live next door, like they are people you get to see every day at Starbucks Ashcreek for a dose of mocha or frap and engage in trivial conversations.

Ahhh...magic indeed.


This morning, I made an announcement during assembly about the Scholastic HP Book Sale in our library. Our friends in Scholastic relaunched the book in Xavier School. They were so nice to sponsor the HP Contest for our grade schoolers. They will be selling the book at a discounted price until the 22nd of the month.

I laud the efforts of my colleagues, Oyet and Baby, for cooking up this collaborative project. I'm equally glad that my boss stamped the seal of approval on this activity and endorsed it to the principal. Such an endeavor says a lot at the kind of library Xavier School has.

It's about time that school libraries support and collaborate with publishing houses and book jobbers in a more productive means to promote reading and literacy. The school library should never be alone in the campaign for literacy development. The publishing house should likewise, extend their marketing arm to where children are more often can be found - in schools. Provided that dealings are clean and transparent, libraries and publishing houses working together adds a powerful punch to reading campaigns.

This one is for you, Filipino Librarian! I know you are in mourning, but remember, that in our deepest sorrows will rise a glorious redemption.

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