Monday, August 1, 2005


I was tagged by the Filipino Librarian to do a meme. A meme, according to the Fiipino Librarian's post, is a "unit of cultural information... that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another." He actually got that definition form the American heritage Dictionary, by the way.

I have read about it in Clair's blog several months ago, but I've been too busy to look it up. Thanks to the wonders of blogging and friends in the blogosphere, I finally got to do one. It is in doing that we learn a lot. I'm a firm believer of cognitive learning theories and Piaget's schema theory. I discover those theories alive and well in the e-communities that I belong to. And blogging is fast becoming a real life example at how I am contstructing my understanding of the world and the knowledge that make it. Now you know why I'm so blog crazy!

I'm not posting about books that define me. Not yet. I have to choose from the stacks and the shelves, the racks and the piles of books in the corners that clutter our small abode. There are books everywhere at home, even in the bathroom. Plus, I have to go back a good 25 years to recall the books that my mom read to me as a child. I have to identify five - only five (?) books that meant a lot to me. Drat! I have read a lot of books that meant to me! These books do not only mean so much, these books defined me. I am what I read. Limiting the list to five is a toughie.

So I plead that you, my readers ( and I don't have a lot. Where have all the school librarians gone? Do you guys ever read blogs?), to give me time. I promise, before the week ends, I'll have something to meme.

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