Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Potential Librarian Blogger

Here's what I got from my inbox tonight:

I want you also to know that I always visit your
blogspot. I’ve learned a lot and I enjoyed reading all
your posts. I am just wondering on how to access
that site and post things/happenings/activities about
the library like you and Von Totanes have been doing.
Would you mind sharing some info? I would really,
really appreciate it.

It came from Grace Albarida, school librarian from Esteban Abada Elementary School Calumpit St. Veterans Village Project 7 QC

I already replied to her via email, however, you may have more valuable pointers and tips to give her so just comment on this post. She often visits and I'm sure she'll get to read your suggestions. Come on, blograrians! Lend a hand!

And if you're a blogger too, you're welcome to chip in!

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