Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Dream Weavers & Magic Seekers

I have identified four categories to classify my posts from this blog's archives. It's part of organizing and managing the content of this blog which may prove necessary and relevant to my readers (dear me, i hope that school librarians get to read library blogs!), as well as myself. One of the four categories is entitled DREAM WEAVERS & MAGIC SEEKERS. Under this "fantasy" inspired titles are two names - Carla Pacis and Augie Rivera. Carla and Augie are Pinoy Children's Literature Writers. I have featured them in my blog from previous posts so if you want to know more about them, just click their names in my side bar.

Carla, Augie and all writers for children are weavers of dreams and seekers of magic. I am not the first to proclaim this. Lina Diaz de Rivera was. She is a writer herself, by the way and has a Palanca to her name. It takes one to know one, indeed!Last NCBD, she launched two titles of books for children. I mean to write more of her books but that would be for future posts. Last I heard of her is that she has retired from teaching at the University of the Philippines. But a co-teacher just informed me last Monday that she is still handling graduate classes at the College of Education for its REGALE program, otherwise known as Reading Education.

LDR was my Children's Literature professor and she is very popular among graduate students as "the" Children's Literature advocate. Not many are aware that LDR has units in Library Science. I'm not sure if she practiced the profession, though.

I often imagine her as a school librarian, actually. She would make an excellent school librarian because she seem to be more tolerant with children than with adults. Nevertheless, I can say that she had been a successful teacher (to me) because she always encouraged her students to read and promote children's literature. It was in her class that I cooked up all those Author Visit programs and illustrator exhibits for our school library that even to this day, we never tire of doing.

School libraries are perfect venues where weavers can find their looms and magic seekers, their wands. And the children, they are always there to imagine and dream with them. As school librarians, it's our job to bring them together!

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