Sunday, August 4, 2019

When Books Bring People Together

I often say, and I write it here in the blog, that books bring people together. This has become my mantra. It was up in our library’s bulletin board last year latched on the themes of inclusivity and diversity. 

This weekend, the mantra became real to me as one of my friends in PASLI (Philippine Association of School Librarians) Alma Singian, sent me a photo of a book by Jesl Xena Rae Cruz,  Ang Mata ni Migoy (Adarna House 2018) with a dedication meant for me. Here is the photo which Alma sent via Messenger.

I was touched, of course. I did not realize that another person would remember me in such ways. And to be given a book for free is a pleasant surprise, indeed!

Jesl Cruz and I worked in the Early Education Department (EED) of Xavier School in the early 2000s. I was the librarian in the department and she was one of the Nursery teachers. A book lover, she frequented the library asking and requesting for books to put in the reading corner of her classroom. This kind of teacher is a librarian’s natural ally. We were graduate students in the same university then. Her teachers were my teachers. Apparently, life has something else planned for Teacher Jesl that she left Xavier School. I had my turn in 2009.

But we meet again! Not in person but through books and within a community of readers and book lovers. 

Let’s all keep the book love alive!

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