Monday, August 19, 2019

Book Review: MMK Hagdan by Roderick Baturi Ramos

As a book blogger and book reviewer, I often get free print copies of books to review and Advanced Review Copies (ARC)  of ebooks to write about for the blog. I was not surprised at all when Roderick “Erick” Ramos gifted me a copy of his newest self published ebook, MMK Hagdan, on the first day of August. In exchange is an honest review so, here it is.

Erick has written several ebooks which he also self published. He markets and sells them in social media on a regular basis. This is, in itself, an accomplishment. 

In all seven ebooks, he wrote about insights on librarianship gleaned from  experiences and professional practice. In MMK Hagdan, however, he writes about his childhood and his growing up years that, as stated in the ebook’s title, would qualify for an episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya. The structure of the narrative follows the popular television show’s format. The lead character is beset by challenges made by others and nature, yet, he overcomes. Such hardships and trials do not extinguish the life out of him. It made him move further on. And this is where the formula all fell apart for me. 

In his own writing, Erick is letting his readers know that he is coming to terms with his loss of self. It is a confession. A brave admission of the need to be loved as he is. In this autobiography, he removes the branding and puts down the gimmicks he would attach on social media for every library event. And what do you get? Roderick Baturi Ramos, the man who is right now at the precipice of a chasm of loneliness. The dramatic title and his melancholic face that is found  on the cover to the last page of the ebook amplifies this isolation and desolation that has haunted him all his life.

In the end, Erick’s narrative reveals to me the palpable truth that in creating art salvation is not too far away. When telling stories we shall all find a way to heal ourselves. 

Hang on, my friend. You are not alone.

Rating: 2.5 bookmarks over 5


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