Sunday, February 10, 2019

Rediscovering Tagaytay (3 of 3): Flowers, Plants, the Lake and the Cat and Dog Cafe

Is that you, Garfield?
The last leg of our Tagaytay day trip rounded up with a trip to Mahogany Market, a view of Taal Lake and the volcano and a 45 minute stop-over at the Cat and Dog Cafe.

As expected, Mahogany Market is a showcase of Tagaytay and its lovely personality. Flowers, plants, fruits and coffee were the stuff we bought from the market. It was a colorful and texture rich experience. Driving down to Silang road, we experienced heavy traffic. Ditching the drive in Picnic Grove was a smart move since we did not wish to be trapped in Tagaytay as there was work and school the following day.

Stopping by at yet another flower and plant store by the road, Zoe was able to get a view of the volcano. With a fast right hand at sketching, she was able to draw the contour of the lake and the volcano in one spread of her sketch book. She is taking her art lessons to heart.

What replaced the Picnic Grove visit was a stop-over at the Cat and Dog Cafe. This is a place where you can enjoy your beverage of choice in the company of cats and dogs. The girls, Alnah and Zoe most especially, enjoyed petting the cats. For 200 - 300 Php, one can spend 30-45 minutes destressing with these four legged, furry animals. From there, it was a smooth trip down to Sta. Rosa and Binan. We closed the day with dinner at Chicken N Beer in Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

This day trip had been educational for the girls, rejuvenating and refreshing for us "titas" of Laguna and definitely a bonding moment to celebrate friendship and sisterhood. Cheers to more day trips and travels in the future!

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