Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Art Fair Philippines 2019

Sculpture by Robert Acosta
Because it's Arts Month, the fambam made it to the Art Fair Philippines last February 23, 2019. It was a requirement for the youngest to be present there and the rest of us required ourselves to be there for her and to see art, of ocurse.

This is the second staging of the Art Fair PH at the The Link in Ayala, Makati. Three floors of parking space was designed to showcase artists and their art works that different galleries run for them. This is the business side of art that I still have to understand. Because our daughter is a budding visual artist, not only does she need support in developing and honing her craft, but sustaining her art too. Needless to say, it was a fruitful experience for her and the three if us, her older brother, mom and dad happily tagged along.

On a personal note, the 350 Php entrance fee is a steep fee, especially since I am no art collector or buyer but a mere "supporter" of the arts. Then again, as an afterthought, it is worth it because time together with the fambam and seeing the diversity of art works on display at the fair really exceeds monetary value. Can you really buy aesthetics? Or, put an amount or cost to it?

Ah, but student's fee was only 150 Php. Ok na rin!

My favorite in the Art Fair PH is Robert Acosta's terra cotta sculpture which is a bust of a woman holding a guitar, a boy on her left shoulder and an owl on her right. She has a talisman on her forehead and big grin on her face. I love it because this woman, old and wizened, seems to know a secret she can only share to those who are willing to listen. Acosta captures the joy in her eyes, the owl's watchfulness and the boy's loving embrace. The sculpture exude and an earthly joy, compassion and wisdom. How I wish to have all these. In time, I hope. In time.

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