Saturday, February 23, 2019

Back Into the Belly of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

I went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale (BBWBS) 2019 last Thursday with two colleagues from work. With a working budget, we selected books that are valuable to our reading needs and curricular offerings. While we were able to select books that mirror our curriculum, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale does not really offer much for academic reading. It does support and feed the personal reading interests anc choices of people. And because a hardbound book is priced at less than 200 Php, it was worth our time and effort!

We had one trolley of books that contain a few science and math non-fiction titles, Roald Dahl, Firzgerald and of course, Shakespeare. We picked art and design books, self help and skills books like story boarding, tips for every day creativity and mindfulness. We were happy with our selections and yes, these books gave us sparks of joy!

If you are going to the BBWBS, do bring big bags or a luggage. Hoard if you must eapecially if books brinf you joy! The sale is 24 houes and runs until March 4, 2019.

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