Friday, December 18, 2015

Catching Up: Filipino Fridays #4: 5 Revolutions That Changed the Way I Read

This is the last in the meme and it is a topic worth reckoning.

What are the five revolutions that changed the way I read?

1. JK Rowling. She introduced me to fantasy. And to canon. Reading the Harry Potter books, made me reach out to Tolkien, CS Lewis and more British writers. She also changed the way I look at the author and reader relationship. Imagine my delight when she answered a letter that I wrote to her for my book club in school! She sure does know how to please the fans. And her marketing team is just brilliant!

2. Book to Movie Adaptations. This helped me in reading engagement as well as being enriched with the literary and filmic experience of stories.

3. Ebooks and epublishing. I am leaning more and more on my Kindle, but I stay loyal to the print. I am also curious about self publishing. Given the time, I would venture into that realm. I have a Wattpad account, so maybe, re-activating it is a start.

4. Social Media. My news source and gossip channel is Twitter, FB and Pinterest. I also make use of social media to promote my books.

5. A Busier Philippine Book Industry. A lot has happened the past five years! The slow but measured growth of Philippine YA; Komikon; Booklatan; the annual book fairs; the National Children's Book Awards. The book industry is changing and growing and, in our experience in Manila, Filipino readers are more visible now than ever.

What will the next five years look like?

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