Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Catching Up: Filipino Friday # 3: 5 Ways I Can Support Filipino Authors

This is uber late. But.

How can I support Filipino authors?

1. As a school librarian, I will consistently keep an Author Visit program where authors talk about their books to young readers. On the side is a book sale where, after their talk, they can sign copies of their books bought by readers.

2. As a storyteller, I will keep on telling stories written, and illustrated, by Filipino authors.

3. As a blogger, I will review their books and feature them in my blog. I will also participate in blog tours of their books and pimp them to the heavens!

4. As a PBBY member, I will encourage them to continuously join the annual Salanga Writer's Prize. In the board, we shall always seek help from other organizations and agency in the conduct of workshops where they can produce manuscripts for submission to publishers. Through the PBBY, we shall continue the Children's Book Fair held every year during the National Children's Book Day. We shall also keep our eyes and ears open for conferences, contests, grants, writing retreats and off shore publications.

5. As a KUTING member, I will participate in the workshops to help my writer friends become better at their craft. I hope they return the favor.

Mabuhay ang Filipino Author!

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