Sunday, October 12, 2014

The School Librarian in Action Slows Down

I endured a sprained ankle for two weeks. I went on therapy to cure the swelling and to build on back its strength and mobility. It was a sign to slow down. So I did.

Together with family, we went to San Juan, Batangas where we spent a weekend at Balai, San Juan. The beach has dark brown sulfuric sand. Low tide is in the early morning until early evening. The tide comes in at night time. It was off season when we went there so, we practically had the beach all to ourselves.

I don't swim but I love beaches. 

We went night swimming too since there were two warm pools in the resort. The night sky looked fantastic since there were so many stars above. I have not seen that many stars in a long while.

I wish to have more quiet moments. 

Yes. I have grown old.

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