Wednesday, October 8, 2014

International Conferences on Libraries this October

It's a very busy month for me this October.

I am scheduled to participate in a slew of conferences, talks and workshops among colleagues in the LIS and teaching profession as resource speaker and paper presenter. Among these professional development activities, two are international conferences which will be held in Manila. One is the International Conference on Children's Librarianship by the National Library of the Philippines and the other is the 6th Rizal Library International Conference that focus on Leadership and Change.

Go to the NLP website for conference registration. Visit the Rizal Library link for information on the conference.

There is a good mix of resource speakers coming from Asia and the Pacific for both conferences. I hope that many school librarians will attend either one of these conferences and from here on develop mechanisms to continuously converse about issues relevant to the profession. I would like to see more best practices or models of learned concepts applied in libraries from such conferences. Maybe this is one area of professional growth development activity that local, regional and national library organizations can loo into.

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