Monday, October 13, 2014

Librarian On TV: Good Morning Kuya Segment Ikonsulta Mo

I have had the pleasure and luck of appearing on TV several times in the past. My first TV appearance was in an episode of Art Angel where I demonstrated making a telescope out of empty tissue holders. The second one was in a game show where I happened to be one of Von Totanes' "land line" in Game Ka Na Ba? The third one was in PGMA, a program on PTV where I was interviewed about books, reading and PBBY-NBDB projects.

With the hosts of Good Morning Kuya

Last week, I was on television again as resource guest for the topic on picture books.

The female hosts of the show were in awe and wonder at the picture books I had with me.

The morning show on UNTV, Good Morning Kuya, has a segment there where guests are asked a question. The guest and the hosts of the show discuss the topic of the day. The question I had to answer was: Why are picture books important?

With Ninang Riza and Angel, they too want to write their stories. Sulat na!

So I said that picture books are a child's first formal introduction to the printed word, books and reading. I gave more relevant answers but I could not recall everything as I write this post. So, a video of the segment must be available sometime soon. Then I can share it with those who didn't see the morning show live on TV.

Signing copies of books to be given away to hosts and the show's director.

My breakfast was also featured on the show.

With Diego Castro, analyzing the nutrition content of my big breakfast: mushroom and cheese omelet, toasted bread and side salad. Black coffee caps off the morning meal.

I can't be more proud being a librarian. The TV appearance was an opportunity for me to promote books, reading, literacy and librarianship.

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