Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Live Blogging: Best Practices & Success Stories of Filipino Public Librarians

A host of public librarians is now presenting best practices and success stories.

From Rose Chua of Cebu Public Library: Increased visits of children to the library is attributed to the revamped physical set up of the library; support of local communities in developing programs and services not just for kids but for parents too; resourcefulness and enthusiasm of librarians transform the library.

From Bernadine Maminta Gravela of Urdaneta City Public Library: Great effort in rallying and advocating the library's transformation to the city mayor; the journey to improve and transform the Urdaneta City Public Library is a long and challenging one; Storytelling Program reaches different barangays in Urdaneta and librarians lead the program; library network and linkages involving community based organizations.

From Melai Ramirez of the National Library of the Philippines: tie ups with publishers, like Vibal Publishing House, to stage the annual World Read Aloud Day; literacy programs for kids like storytelling, library hour, workshops in arts and crafts are done yearly; partnership with private institutions, both local and global, help in sustaining literacy projects.

Amazing! Our Pinoy public librarians hurdle so many challenges. The leadership qualities they display is impressive. Their hearts are made of gold and they have a courage made of steel.

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