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Teachers' Library Packet

At the start of the academic year, I was given a short session by my Head of School to present to teachers the basic and fundamental services the library can offer them. I whipped up a Teacher's Packet that sets the basic information on information access, available database, ways to work collaboratively with the librarian and recommended reads.

At the start of the second term, I'm scheduled to join in the departmental meetings of teachers with their academic coordinators to revisit use of library resources, and in a way, audit existing instructional materials and information that can be used for teaching and instruction.

This goes to show that the development of library programs and the evaluation of library services is a communal effort. The librarian needs to reach out and touch base with library users to improve its collection and systems of operation. Below is the library packet I've prepared for teachers.

The Beacon Academy Library
Teachers’ Packet
AY 2012-13

And so it is written, in the MYP Subject Guides --
Librarians have an overall view of the curriculum and, in particular, of students’ IL needs and LL skills (philosophy/belief system) development. It is important to involve librarians in:

* unit planning
* resourcing units
* planning for, and mapping, ATL skills
* promoting academic honesty (including such skills as referencing)

The Beacon Academy library staff aims to work with you, collaboratively, this academic year in the teaching and learning process. The library’s physical, virtual and intellectual doors, and windows, are open wide for your access to a variety of learning resources and ideas.

Access to the library collection

Library hours: 7:50 AM to 4PM
BA Library Web OPAC : http://www.mastersknowledge.com/beacon/default.asp

Online Subscriptions:
The Day - http://www.theday.co.uk/
Username: *****
Pword: *****

Project Muse - http://muse.jhu.edu/
*Access provided via Beacon Academy ISP

World Book Online http://worldbookonline.com/wb/products?ed=all&gr=Welcome+Beacon+Academy%21

What’s new this year?  4 KINDLES! We’re starting an ebook collection :-)
Kindle 1 - Fiction
Kindle 2 - Philo, Religion, Social Sciences, Languages
Kindle 3 - Math, Sciences, Tech
Kindle 4 - Literature and History

DVD/CD/VCD  Collection - Open shelf / Instructional and Institutional

Teacher and Teacher Librarian Collaboration
* Request for resources (print, digital, resource person, interlibrary loan, access to other libraries)
* Building of a reading list for your unit or subject content (bibliographic info arranged in MLA style)
* One-on-one consultation with the TL re: resources on units of study (student and teacher)
* Small group research @the library (guided and/or independent)
* Class orientation and ATL integrated sessions / Library link lessons

Recommended Reads for PD (Professional Development)

1. Enhancing professional practice / by Danielson, Charlotte.   Alexandria, Va. : Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, c2007 TR 371.102 DAN

2. Revisiting professional learning communities at work / by DuFour, Richard,   Bloomington : Solution Tree, c2008 TR 371.207 DUF

3. Stirring the Head, Heart and Soul / by Erickson, H. Lynn   California : Corwin Press, 2008 TR 375.000979 ERI

4. Positive discipline   New York : Three Rivers Press, c2001 TR 371.50973 POS

5. The Excellent 11 / by Clark, Ron,   New York : Hyperion, c2004 TR 371.102 CLA


A learning community reads. A reading community learns

The Beacon Academy Library seeks to involve the learning community in its bi-monthly Recommended Reads service.

Aug and Sept - Hello! Goodbye! Hello! is about beginnings, change and adaptation. 

Oct and Nov - The Book of My Life challenges us to look at the books/reading materials
that made an impact at how we see ourselves, others and the world.

Dec and Jan - Family, Fiesta and Festivities prompts us to think of books that speak of family
        cultures, celebrations and holidays. You may want to consider books and reading
        materials that discuss Family Literacy.

Feb and Mar - Anything goes. Really. Feel free to recommend any book or reading material :-)
April and May - Taking it easy. It’s summer time, and yes, the reading is easy.



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