Monday, November 12, 2012

Citing of Sources and In-Text Citations

Information Literacy Session: Citing Sources and In-Text Citations
Grade 11 TOK (Theory of Knowledge)

15 November - TOK Class A
16 November - TOK Class B
*Both 1st periods

What idea do I want the 11s to bring with them after the session:
Avoid plagiarism by citing your sources and citing in-text

What IL skill do I want the 11s to apply across subject areas: Engagement and extraction of relevant information from sources (read, listen, view, take notes, reflect, summarize)

Procedure (for Teacher Librarian to do):
1. Present IL topics: Citations and In-Text Citation
2. For students: Generate as many questions as you can about the topic. Focus on what you want to know about the topics.
3. Show Cite is Right video -
4. Game: Plagiarism Quiz -
5. Go back to the questions generated by students at the start of class and check if these questions were answered by the activity they just finished doing (video and game).
6. Put on parking lot unanswered questions.
7. Short lecture on in-text citation: Ten Things to Remember when Citing In-Text (from MLA Handbook)
8. Show samples of in-text citations.
9. Distribute handout on in-text citation.
10. Go back to parking lot and check for questions that were answered through the short lecture

Instructional Materials:
MacBook / LCD / post its / Parking Lot photo / In-Text Citation Handout

Cite is Right Video -
Plagiarism Quiz -

The Modern Language Association. MLA handbook for writers of research papers. New York: MLA, 2009.

Prepared by  Zarah C. Gagatiga / Teacher Librarian 8 November 2012

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