Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jose Aruego & Albert Gamos Tributes

Last September, the UP College of Education Reading Department, otherwise known as REGALE, conducted the annual MILES, Manhit Institute of Language Education Seminar series, in honor of Jose Aruego and Albert Gamos, two dearly departed Filipino illustrators for children. The tribute is in part of the Weavers of Magic forum of MILES.

 PBBYers, Karina Bolasco, Ani Almario and yours truly gave tribute to Albert Gamos and Jose Aruego respectively. Dr. Lina Diaz de Rivera spoke well of Jose Aruego too, given that she personally knows him and has studied and taught about his works.

Russell Molina, Jomike Tejido and Robert Magnuson gave a talk on their craft and body works to the delight of participants and smitten fans.

Aruego and Gamos, both known for their unique and exceptional skills as well as wholesome personalities, paved the way for Filipino children's illustrators. There are many talented ones to continue on what they've started out. Here's hoping that they remain humble and sincere as their illustrious lolos.

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