Friday, November 30, 2012

Alfred, Ambeth and Andres Bonifacio

30 November is a national holiday being the commemoration of  Andres Bonifacio's 149th birth date. A bio pic, Supremo, produced by Alfred Vargas will be shown on 30 November at SM Fairview cinemas. The same movie is included in the line-up of indie films in this year's Cinemanila at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Festival date begins on 5 December and ends on 11 December, 2012.

Here's the trailer of the movie.

Producer, Alfred Vargas, also plays Andres Bonifacio. He's a very good looking Andres Bonifacio, if you ask me. In the book cover of Prof. Ambeth Ocampo's Looking Back 5: Rizal's Teeth Bonifacio's Bones, the Great Plebeian looks more like Apeng Daldal than a handsome revolutionario. I grew up knowing and recognizing this artist's rendition of Bonifacio that littered many history textbooks I used in school.

Who is the artist of this Bonifacio illustration? Another iconic image I am curious about that's related to Bonifacio is the cedula ripping one where Katipuneros wear red pants and white shirt. The red pants is a dead giveaway in battle. Why use the ominous color? More questions surface as I read Prof. Ocampo's article on Bonifacio. He was home schooled and read voraciously. Where did he get his books? Gifts from friends? Donations? Is Bonifacio a book thief? Now that would make a good story in speculative fiction genre, ano? The librarian in me wonders. The writer in me is tempted to begin this story out and see how it develops.

Books bought from the NBDB initiated book exhibit at SM Megatrade Hall

In 2013, the nation celebrates Bonifacio's 150th birth year. PBBY's Salanga Prize will be given to a story on Andres Bonifacio come July as we celebrate the 30th National Children's Book Day. Let's prepare early for this historic event.

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