Friday, April 16, 2010

When One Library Is In Trouble

Here's a searing advocacy that US librarians have set up for libraries in their country.

Save Libraries is a grassroots effort to compile information about libraries in need of our support. Save Libraries will aggregate information about current advocacy efforts, archive advocacy efforts, and provide links to resources for libraries facing cuts.

This project is being run by Lori Reed and Heather Braum. We can’t do this alone and are looking for additional help creating and maintaining the content on this site.

Please email us at savelibs (at) gmail (dot) com for questions, comments, or concerns.

Please tag your Web content with savelibraries to make it easier for us to find and collect it.

Laudable efforts go to Lori Reed and Heather Braum on going online to promote the advocacy and to gather enough awareness that would eventually pave the road for this initiative to reach US Congress.

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