Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Live blogging: PLAI-STRLC's Summer Conference in Palawan Day 1

The first day of the PLAI-STRLC Summer Conference in Palawan kicked off at 8:00 this morning. Madame Cora Nera and I were at the same flight that was rather uneventful until the foggy sky greeted us at Puerto Princesa and a bumpy landing.

The weather is gloomy here. Thanks to the occasional rain showers, though. It's given the participants something to long for -- a sunny weather on Friday so they can enjoy the city tour and the trip to the underground river.

As I write this, Madame Cora Nera is in the main hall of the St. Ezekiel Spirituality and Development Center finishing up the last session of the day. Mine had been a lively and engaging session on storytelling, so the participants told me at break time.

Earlier on, Madame Cora Nera provided updates from the Board of Librarians. Here are some news worthy stuff I gathered from her presentation:

a. Curricular offerings for the Bachelor of LIS and Master in LIS (Library and Information Science) have been modified;
b. Doctoral degree/program is being formulated;
c. Adoption of prescribed Code of Ethics and Code of Technical Standards;
d. Conduct of ocular visits in colleges and universities offering LIS.

More photos and insights tomorrow!

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