Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dear Librarian: Making The Right Decision

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Dear Librarian will be a new feature of this blog. In time for the blog's 5th blogversary, the first letter sender is featured bellow. The translation follows after. My response and a guest blogger's will be posted in the next few days.

Dear Ms. Zarah,

I came upon your blog via my friend. LIS major sya at malapit na syang grumaduate. 3rd year iregular sya pero, mukhang sa 2011, may diploma na sya. As for me, 3 taon ng freshman. Terrible, I know. Ewan ko ba, lito talaga ako since kumuha ako ng Psych. Tapos, lumipat ako sa Educ. Then, nagtransfer ako sa Tourism. Ngayon, di pa rin ako satisfied.

Worried na ang parents ko, pati na ang friend ko na LIS major. Kaya naman, super help sya sa akin na magtransfer sa LIS. Maganda naman ang mga grades ko. Pero, problem ko ang pagmeet ng deadlines. Nakakawili kase ang FB at internet. Working student din ako sa isang outsourcing project ng kapatid ko. Alam ko na mahalaga ang isang degree, pero, confused ako kung lilipat ba ako sa LIS dept. ng university o titgil na lang sa pag-aaral. Mukhang happy ang friend ko sa LIS course nya. At sa dating ng blog mo, panalo! Parang happy ka din maging librarian.

Bigyan mo naman ako ng payo o clue kung ang LIS nga ay para sa akin.

Salamat and more power to your blog!

Confused Freshman


Dear Miss Zarah,

I came upon your blog via my friend who is a LIS (Library and Information Science) major. My friend will soon graduate from college. She's in junior year, irregular, but it seems that she will finish by 2011. As for me, I have been a freshman for three years now. Terrible, I know. I don't really know what college course to take since I started Psychology. Then I transferred to Education. Now I am taking Tourism.

My parents are very worried as well as my friend. That's why she's convincing me and helping me transfer to LIS. My grades are good. But I'm very bad at meeting deadlines. I'm an netizen and a frequent FB user. I also sideline for my sibling who runs outsourcing projects. I know a college degree is very important but I'm confused whether to transfer in LIS or give up college entirely. My friend is happy taking up LIS and judging from your blog posts, it seems that you are satisfied at being a librarian.

Kindly give me an advice if LIS is really the course for me.

Thank you and more power to your blog!

Confused Freshman

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