Thursday, April 29, 2010

Live blogging: PLAI-STRLC's Summer Conference in Palawan Day 2

Before hitting the sack last night, we had a socials and fun games. The hall was filled with noise! No one to hush us in silence, not even the nuns!

To group the delegation into smaller units, Audrey Anday, conference chair, asked us to pick a paper from a cup and create the sound the animal makes. In no time, we were like the Bremen Town Musicians! I was grouped with the cows. Hilarious games like biggest plastic baloon, writing words using one's butt and Paint A Picture gave us so many reasons to laugh away the night.

Today, as I write this, Dir. Lou David of the Rizal Library is giving her session on Staff Development.Just like Madame Cora Nera's session yesterday on Accreditation for Libraries and Librarians, the participants have so many interesting and insightful questions. This goes to show that they are concerned with their work and the delivery of expected responsibilities. The city tour and optional trip to the Underground River here in Puerto Princesa is scheduled on Saturday, but it seems that the participants are focused to the facilitators' and speakers' input.

Dir. David is taking all the questions thrown at her with answers that are both practical and sensible. Theory is important but experience is the best teacher, indeed! Her years of service and work experiences in many divisions and areas of Library and Information Science is already a mine field. I see many heads nodding, intent at listening and taking nuggets of wisdom and useful techniques when she gives her answers and responses. Likewise with Madame Cora Nera last night. She had to extend her talk last night eating half an hour to dinner. But the dialogue between resource speaker and participants is considered an enriching experience!

I am standing on the shoulders of giants.

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