Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SLIA's Unforgettable Posts of 2009

2009 was a breakthrough year for me as a blogger. After four years of blogging, SLIA finally earned revenues! It's not so big that I could afford quitting work. At the end of a blogging day, it's the content that matters really. The earning is icing on the cake.

So here's a list of some unforgettable posts I made in 2009. Note that the choices are all mine and it does not make the BESTs of the year. That would be harder to decide on so I'm giving myself time for that. Meanwhile, let's journey back to SLIA's 2009.

The QuestVon and Peachy were in town for a brief homecoming. It was also the month when Von joined Deal or No Deal and won some big cash!

The Butterfly Award SLIA's second blog award! Another one came around in September of 2008 where SLIA won an honest 2nd place.

Write An Essay Get a Gift CheckSLIA's first writing contest as inspired by a talk I had at the UP FLIPP congress.

SLIA Essay Writing Contest WinnerAnd yes, there was a winner! Thanks to Arnold Zafra for sponsoring the prize.

All In The Name of ReadingThe Great Book Blockade of 2009 began as an email bomb. Like wild fire it spread through Pinoy blogosphere and beyond. The result of which was a lifting of book duties.

Aklatan ni MikaMy first storytelling session in a halfway house for kids afflicted with cancer. This experience has to be the most unforgettable so far.

PBBY Luncheon for South African StorytellerGcina Mhlope-Becker is a miracle on two legs! Her visit and performances were truly amazing!

Three posts made it to the list for the month of August. Carlo Caparas made quite a stir accepting the award as National Artist for Visual Arts. In Qualifying the Unqualified I made a stand for what I believed was a mockery. Good thing that Philippine Chidlren's Literature is a buzz with new books being launched left and right. It got featured in One Shot while I wrote about Dr. Luis Gatmaitan's contribution to the industry in the said blog program.

By the end of the month,The Manila International Storytelling Festivalcommenced. I was enthralled. Thus I realized, as a storyteller, I have so much to learn!

SLIA has shown its age as it was mentioned in a news article,Good PR for Filipino Librarians", along side Von Totanes' esteemed and high brow Filipino Librarian.

2009 was a trying year since it gave us Ondoy to contend with. But I survived and got by with a lot of help from friendsMany Thanks to everyone who sent their prayers, financial help and moral support.

And of course, the Collaboration With Dianne de Las Casaswas a pleasant surprise! Life is indeed a roller coaster ride.

Two months before 2009 folded up, I came full circle. InCompleting Life CyclesI touched based with a former student and made connections with my Alma Mater.

To close the year, I gladly accepted PAASCU'sThe Fr. James Meany Award. One of the many things to remind me that I have done something right.

Now on to doing more!

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