Sunday, January 31, 2010

Continuing Professional Education for Librarians

Another controversial topic permeating in local circles of library organizations and institutions since last year was the revival of the Continuing Professional Education program for registered/licensed librarians. The Board for Librarians (BFL) started its dissemination last year in seminars, conferences and fora organized by different library organizations, alumni associations and professional librarians group. It was done with the best of intentions, yet the reaction was tepid, if not.

A licensed librarian must earn twenty (20) CPE points a year so that, on the third year of license renewal he or she qualifies for the sixty (60) CPE points. The BFL came up with a list on where to get these points and how. For many, the list's contents are impossible to achieve. One needs time, money and the support of the immediate supervisor or administration to realize 20 points annually.

I only have to two things to say about this.

First -- if there is a will, there is a way. Time can be managed. As for the money, God provides. There's RA 9246 for the non-believers.

Second -- it takes a village to raise a child. Consider the CPE as a child. The BFL "maybe" its parent, but WE all need to do our part to help it "grow".

Yes, I'd rather be an optimistic fool than a zombie.

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W. Home said...

Even those librarians need certain time for education and renewal of their knowledge. Though they mostly work in a room full of books, they also have the option to make use of e learning training courses for their professional need that in some cases or instances, libraries cannot give them or they do not have access yet.

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