Friday, January 8, 2010

Reading the World

Because I want to READ the WORLD, I am joining PaperTigers' Reading the World 2010 Challenge. Since I no longer work in a regular school setting, I need to find a group to discuss my reading choices. There's the monthly SCBWI-Manila meeting and the KUTING general assembly but scheduling is something I have to work on. It seems pretty easy to do though.

Here are the rules --

Choose one book from/about/by or illustrated by someone from each of the seven continents – that’s:

North America
South America

Have the books read aloud to you or read them yourself; share them as part of a book-group or in class. Combine your choices with other reading challenges. The books can be picture-books, poetry, fiction, non-fiction… the choice is yours.

Read! Read! Read! It has so many benefits! It's one of the many ways to being a better writer, besides.

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