Saturday, December 12, 2009

Storytelling In Baguio City Public Library

Some photos from my storytelling in Baguio City. Thanks to Mrs. Fe Requilman of the Baguio City Public Library, I had a wonderful time telling stories to their day care kids. There happened to be 120 day care centers in Baguio City. Only 80 centers participated so the 40 centers are up for schedule next year.

It was my first visit at the Baguio City Public Library, a three story edifice that houses two million print collections, thesis and dissertations from the CAR region, with WIFI connection, a cozy space for children and eight licensed librarians. Suffice it to say that the librarians have the support of the LGU - from moral to financial aspects. Kudos to the public librarians of the Baguio City Public Library!

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