Friday, December 4, 2009

The Fr. James Meany SJ Award

For serving ten PAASCU visits as Instructional Media accreditor since 2003, I received the James Meany Award this afternoon at the Club Filipino in Greenhills. It was conducted after the PAASCU Assembly where all accreditors gathered to discuss issues and concerns relevant to the improvement of accrediation in the country today.

Fr. Meany is one of the founders of PAASCU. It is now on it's 51st year of existence. This recognition means a lot to me because it tells me that even though I'm no longer a part of Xavier School's teaching force, I remain a Jesuit lay partner. And this I take to heart. This is an affirmation of one of the many missions I have in life, an answer to the call for universal holiness. My being a librarian is not only a profession. It is still my passion, but over the past months, it has become my vocation.

This afternoon, I met old acquaintances from past PAASCU visits. Mr. Marc Hernandez was there, of course. He was awarded for his 100th visit! I bumped into former Xavier colleagues and are we all glad that outside the confines of the Greenhills Campus, we are, retired and resigned faculty of Xavier School, still letting our light shine. I also recognized former professors from college and graduate school as well as batch mates from the Philippine Normal University. It was an afternoon of appreciation and thanksgiving.

Funny how this all happened after the feast of St. Francis Xavier. God has answered a prayer.

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