Monday, December 28, 2009

PBBY's Fave Books for the Filipino Child Reader (3 of 3)


Rene Villanueva

Contribution to Philippine Children's Literature: He was able to write literature for kids in four formats – book, poetry, play,(theatre), TV.

Kept a journal for possible stories; Used a Pilot pen for writing because it has an easy slide on paper; Claimed that writing is the only thing he was good at, so he wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote; Was nominated for the Hans Christian Award of the IBBY.

Augie Rivera
Contribution to Philippine Children's Literature: Alamat ng Ampalaya – CLASSIC!

Augie is a disciplined writer. He works to write and his writing works!
He values research as a relevant part of the writing process. His approach towards crafting a story is always well thought of. He is a thinking writer. Alamat ng Ampalaya was a product of the 1995 UP Writer's Workshop where it earned praises and very good feedback from the panelists.

Dr. Luis Gatmaitan
Contribution to Philippine Children's Literature: Health and hygiene books for kids – Tito Dok Series. The series is a very accessible reading material for children on health and hygiene issues; Wan Dey Isang Araw – his radio program that reaches far flung areas of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The show features Filipino stories written by Filipino writers for children.

Luis may be known for his Tito Dok series, but he is an excellent essayist as well. He read Funny Komiks as a child and was greatly influenced by it. Has an uncanny talent in listening to kids and their conversations and uses them as spring board for his stories. He uses the “what if” technique in writing.


Albert Gamos
Mentored and inspired the many children's book illustrators we admire today.
No personal info, but I love his classic style of illustration. There's something very old and antiquated about his drawings, yet it looks so new and fresh!

Totet de Jesus

I like the texturing of his drawings. It's like something I can touch and uncover layer over layer.

Jomike Tejido
He knows how to have fun. He is unafraid to break conventions and visually “teases” the reader through his illustrations. His works offer new perspectives and insights.

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