Monday, December 7, 2009

Book Review: Library Mouse

What is it with men and mice that stories about them and their uncanny relationship litter in our literature? Flowers for Algernon. Of Mice and Men. Ben. A Mouse Called Wolf. The Tale of Desperaux. Ratatouille. These are but a few books and movies that fill our fancy for these seemingly benevolent creatures. Perhaps the fondness lies at the smallness and tenacity of these gnawing mammals. Considered pests, mice and rats posses enough smarts and a good level of adversary quotient to survive this cruel world. And they seem to prosper and thrive amidst the harshness of the ages.

In Daniel Kirk’s delightful picture book, Sam, the library’s resident mouse read everything and anything he laid his hands on. His reading choices were varied and diverse. Thanks to the many books in the library! He had a wide array of choices of books to read from facts to fiction. This led him to an attempt at writing his own book.

Gathering pieces of paper from the librarian’s desk and forgotten pencils that rolled from underneath the shelves, Sam went to work on his first book, Squeak! A Mouse’s Life. It was hard work. But it all paid off in the end because children in the library were able to read his books. Thanks to the librarian who shared his books to the kids during story time! Since the kids enjoyed his books so much, the librarian invited him for an Author Visit.

Sam had other ideas though. And it was an excellent one!

You have to read the book to know what it is.

Kirk's Library Mouse scores a perfect ten in my record book. It's simply wonderful! It's empowering! It celebrates the power of the written word and the essential role that libraries and librarians play in literacy development.

I further suggest you get a copy and READ it aloud to every child you know. Sam, the Library Mouse, endears to children. Cheers to the triumph of the little one!


ka jerson said...

interesting book :) sana lahat ng mice and rats ay kagaya niya (at hindi naninira ng gamit). sana lahat ng bata, nakakapag-library. at sana, hindi lang textbook ang meron sa library. merry christmas teacher zarah!

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

fantasy, jerson :-) may kung anong meron sa isang daga na nakakatuwa :-)

blooey said...

Cool. This goes on my wishlist!

Speaking of mouse books, I don't normally like talking animals, but I loved the Hermux Tantamoq mystery/adventure series, starting with the first book, Time Stops for no Mouse :)

Zarah Grace C. Gagatiga said...

hm...that's worth checking out. :-)

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