Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ten Reasons to Invest in Children's Literature

I owe this to my participants last Saturday at the Phoenix Eductaional Systems sponsored workshop on Creative Use of School Libraries. Now I'm redeemed.

1. Children's literature affords delight and a sense of wonder.
2. It extends the imaginative power of childhood.
3. It develop's the child's appreciation of beauty.
4. It contributes to the growth of a more compassionate human being.
5. It opens to the wonderland of words and ways of using them.
6. It offers a vast storehouse of information.
7. It contributes to art appreciation.
8. It has the potential for raising the self-concept of a child who has a poor picture of himself.
9. It forms a foundation for more difficult adolescent novels, poems and drama.
10. It gives a heroic image to childhood.

Thanks to LDR. I learned all these stuff about kid's lit in her graduate class at UP Diliman. I'm passing it on, Ma'am LDR, in the hope that "our" tribe may increase.

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