Saturday, September 24, 2005

Graphic Novels

Because we're going to have graphic novels in our library, we're going to have these as promotional posters and bookmarks to give away! (Well, I hope my boss agrees.)

bats lrc

Coolness! Here is another one!


Why graphic novels? Why not?

Michael Lavin of Lockwood Memorial Library enumerates seven good reasons. The first four are good enough reasons to convince a literacy advocate(like yours truly).

Assist Poor Readers. Comics and graphic novels are excellent tools for use with children and young adults with poor reading skills.

Connect with Visual Learners. As educators become increasingly aware of the importance of different learning styles, it is clear that comic books can be a powerful tool for reaching visual learners.

Develop Strong Language Arts Skills. Several studies have shown that students who read comic books regularly have better vocabularies and are more likely to read above grade-level.

Encourage Unmotivated and "Dormant" Readers. Teachers often use non-book materials to encourage reading. Comic books are an ideal medium to spark interest, equate reading with enjoyment, and develop the reading habit.

And then there is visual litearcy to consider. Graphic novels help young learners understand visual representations in a highly graphic environment.

See for yourself the wide array of graphic novel genres to choose from. There are plenty of foreign and US made graphic novels in the market, but very few Filipiniana material. So far, I've recommended SIGLO : Freedom to my boss and our acquisitions librarian. We're still on the look out for Pinoy produced grahic novels...the kind that media induced kids will READ.


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Anonymous said...

Wonderful Post. Been to some Graphics show last week. And looking over on some designs gave my face an awe! It was so cool. I'm planning to study more on Graphic after my shift here in 724Care.

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