Sunday, September 25, 2005

Image is EVERYTHING (3 of 3)

Going back to the Camden Librarians' move to go sexy for a cause, I think these gals aren't really selling thier products, which are books and the information they have in their libraries. They are selling an idea - that librarians are 'exciting' and 'stimulating' professionals.

Exciting in a sense, that, librarians can offer something new. New ideas. New trends. Innovations. Stimulating in a sense, that, librarians have the skill to inspire and motivate their clients to learn, relearn and unlearn. Discovering new things and continously learning are two things that can actually occur in the library through the librarian who works there. And that makes the librarian a "sexy" thang

Sex, then, in this context is all about life and living it up to the fullest. To always associate it with carnal desires and physical contact is downright limiting. It is the passions in our lives that move us to do great things even in the simplest of ways.

The question remains though. How do you sell your profession? How do you sell your products? As a school librarian, have you thought about marketing strategies to increase your 'earnings' for the library and improve your image? More on this marketing stuff in next week's posts.

Let me end this 3-part post with my reply to the Filipino Librarian -

Image tells a lot about a person. Living up to the "image" is another thing. One has to "walk his/her talk" or else, it's all image and no substance. That is sad...

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