Friday, September 2, 2005

Librarian's Diet

The Manila Book Fair looked better and more improved this year. There are enough spaces for guests, visitors and bibliophiles to sit around when the feet gets too tired from walking. The fair offered the usual program of activities for the librarian's eclectic palate. What strikes me as unusual this year are the activities for children to enjoy. In the past, quizzes and contests abound for students to do and join in. This year, however, "fun" activities other than storytelling are scheduled.

Thanks to Ang INK. They prepared creative and enjoyable activities for kids visiting the fair. Aside from their Haribon exhibit, they had an engaging art activities with kids yesterday. Robert Alejandro facilitated the mini-art workshop. If going around from stall to stall looking for books and resources for possible acquisition is tiring you out, go view their excellent illustrations. It's awesome! Kudos to our Pinoy illustrators for kids!

Aside from these, there is also a play area for kids where parents can leave them as they shop and window shop around. Beside it is the balloon sculpture booth. Don't hesitate bringing your kids along, either your student or your own. They've lots of things to do in the fair and you, the adult can enjoy as well.

That day I went to the fair, two librarians' group sponsored a forum. I can tell that both fora were successful and were well attended. The topics they cooked up for their client, members and intended audience were well thought of. The speakers they invited were excellent professionals. It is also good to see students present in the both forum.

I sat in the PATLS forum but attended ASLP's lecture forum from start to finish. Dir. Lou David was quite surprised to see me there. There is always something new to learn from her. I guess I miss being her student. Then again, I will always be her student and she will always be my teacher. Her lecture was impeccably clear and easy to grasp. No pretense and direct to the point. There are risks in investing on technology and innovations carry a high price, but librarians must make a choice. It's the responsibility of making the choice and taking the risks that matter. Librarians must indeed have leadership skills to make things happen for their library.

On a lighter note, Dir. David made mention of being congenially happy. Now this is a characteristic that every librarian must try to achieve or develop. I know that our profession is a "challenged" profession and being happy takes a healthy state of mind and body, nevertheless it can be done. Start with your diet.

You read me right. Diet. Eat happiness inducing food - tomatoes, cheese, chocolates, grapes, apples, to name a few. These food release chemicals in your hormones that stimulate a warm, secure and happy feeling. If you know other food that make librarians happy, leave a comment or tag!

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