Sunday, May 3, 2020

empowerEd Podcast Channel: Fostering Literacy in Times of School Closures

Yay! I got the news from Francis Jim Tuscano that the podcast where he and I talked about literacy and learning in the time of pandemic is up. He has this post in his Facebook Page.
This new empowerED Podcast episode is for parents out there! How can we foster literacy at this time of school closures and learning from home period?  
Thank you, Zarah Gagatiga, for joining me in this episode. Zarah also touches on digital literacy and how parents can safeguard their children from digital threats as access to social media increases during lockdowns. Listen on Apple Podcasts: or Spotify:
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Have a look at this promotional video of the episode. It is my first guest appearance in a podcast channel so, super thanks to Jim for this opportunity!

And before you go, dear readers, go back to these links as I chart the journey of this experience participating in a conversation on topics close to my heart.

Part 1 - Meeting Jim Tuscano in person in the Reading Association of the Philippines' DemoFest in Iloilo (October 2019)
Part 2 - What I prepared for the podcast guest appearance

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