Friday, September 14, 2018

The Museo Pambata Mobile Library

The MP Mobile Library is at rest in the museum grounds.
A Mobile Library is one example of inclusive programming. Most public libraries carry on programs like this to reach areas and communities where books are scarce and access to information is poor. The Museo Pambata, a non-government foundation, has been running a mobile library since 1995.

Charlot Cachuela, MP's librarian and resident storyteller tells us more about the mobile library's history, activities and future projects.

How did the mobile library begin?

The Mobile Library had its beginning in 1995, shortly after the opening of Museo Pambata. In fulfillment of the museum’s thrust to promote literacy, staff members and volunteers regularly visited underserved areas in Manila aboard a Tamaraw FX carrying 50 books and a simple sign that read "Museo Pambata Mobile Library". From then on, the advocacy program continues to serve to Filipino children especially when it finally had a real mobile library van.
What are its programs, schedule of visits to communities and activities?

The main goal of the project is to provide reading materials to children who doesn't have an access to books and from there encourage them to read. Thus we do, storytelling enhanced with arts and crafts. There is also an allotted time for reading the books. Different workshops, such as storytelling, creative facilitation and establishing reading centers are among the activities being provided to the volunteers and community leaders who are interested with the project. The mobile library visits communities every Saturday but can have activities on a weekdays during school breaks.

Charlot telling a story to kids in Museo Pambata

Why is it still operational? Name factors that have been helpful for you and the MP mobile library to function?

Through all the support from the people who believe in the project, whether they are sponsors, volunteers, community leaders, parents and friends, the mobile library van still rolling its wheels. The project will continuously serve the children as long as needed. The organization seeks funds to keep it moving. Collaborating with interested local government units and schools also make to the project sustain.

What are the future plans or activities of the MP Mobile Library?

One of our dreams is to make a smaller mobile library van which can go along narrow streets of Manila. We cannot bring the big bus into smaller communities because of its size plus its old already, serving us for 14 years. A new look, a new vehicle in the future to reach more children.

Visit the Museo Pambata website and FB Page for updates on activities and projects for kids and children's rights advocate.

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