Monday, September 17, 2018

My 2018 Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) Kilig Moments

Making this list and checking it twice! 

1. The MIBF is always a happy reunion with friends in the book industry.

2. A book signing session can be a kikay moment. I was seated with Beth Parrocha during the book signing event at Lampara Books. She is frank and honest and I love her for it! 

Here’s how one of our conversations went:

Beth: I like the curve of your eyeliner. 
Me: Thanks! Took me a year to master this curve. 
Beth: Ah, yes! Such things take time to master.

Spoken by a true artist!
3. I got to chat with readers young was and old. Adults who read Children’s Literatire are full of grace. Kids who read Children’s literature are full of hope. Parents and teachers who buy them for their kids and students are doing the right thing in heping them love reading.

4. An honest to goodness kilig moment is when my books were chosen as storytelling pieces for the Lampara Storytelling Contest.

5. Honored and humbled to sign my books bought by librarian, writer and illustrator friends.

6. Always a happy feeling when I meet librarians and teachers who have all attended my past and previous workshops and we greet each other like old friends. #wearefamily

So, on to MIBF 2019! 

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