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Vic Asuncion is Mr. Persona Power

Mr. Vic Asuncion is Persona Power Personified
In July, a few weeks before the 2nd Philippine Children's Book Summit, PBBY President Tarie Sabido and I were guests in the radio-TV-social media show The School of Life TV. Aired over at 8-Trimedia DZRJ 810 AM every Saturday at 10AM - 12NN and hosted by Jon Bernard Ordonez Caasi, Tarie and I presented activities of the National Children's Book Day and the Philippine Children's Book Summit. There we met Mr. Caasi's co-host, Mr. Vic Asuncion.

Mr. Asuncion is known in the Personal Development industry as Mr. Persona Power. He generously lent his time for this interview in the blog.

What are soft skills? Are there kinds and categories? If yes, please identify them as applied to real life events or situations.
Soft Skills are those skills people use to manage themselves as human beings and their interactions towards others so they can lead a harmonious and comfortable life.

These are the non-technical skills that people never learn from schools and universities, but are more important and much needed to make it in the real world. Sub-skills such as the ability to communicate, human relations, social manners, confidence, decision making, overall image, business etiquette, positive attitude and emotional intelligence make up the whole spectrum.

Kinds: Self-Management Skills and People Management Skills

Categories: Personal; Social; and Business

How can Charisma Power help educators teach young people especially now that there is a Personal Development subject in SHS?

Educators can only be credible in teaching CHARISMA POWER concepts to young people if they will first apply the principles themselves and make them a part of their everyday system.

Let's accept the fact that many of our educators sadly have this as a major concern. Most of them don't even know that it is something that they need to work on.

Meantime, given that there is a Personal Development Subject already, I suggest that school management chooses the right and qualified teachers to handle the subject. Teachers who already possess at least a considerable  degree of charm would be a good choice.

DEPED must implement an intensive Educators' Development Program nationwide to guide them to walk their talk and train them to ensure consistency and uniformity in the modules.

A Personal Development Program that is proven and tested to be effective, practical, and impactful should be designed to ensure that students will really learn the essentials needed to achieve personal and professional greatness.

The School of Life TV Classmates: L-R Tarie Sabido, Kat Olan, Jon Bernard Ordonez Caasi, Mr. Vic Asuncion, Teachers Riza Araneta and Marose Lagunsad, and Zarah Gagatiga

As a trainer of professionals and young people, what experience that has been most meaningful for you?

I have been in the Personal Development industry for more than 2 decades and I can say that I have a lot of meaningful experiences that are worth treasuring. In all of them, what is most meaningful is when people would thank me for what I've done for them to become better that led them to have a more successful and  comfortable life. Hearing people tell me this gives me the motivation to continue my work. But as I always tell them, it is not I who made them better. They made themselves better.

Name five people with Charisma Power. What makes them charismatic?

There are a lot of people who have CHARISMA POWER.  The 5 People (popular) who I think have developed the 6 Personal Powers needed to have CHARISMA are:

a) Oprah Winfrey
b) Charo Santos-Concio
c) Matteo Guidicelli
d) Barrack Obama
e) Princess Diana

Mr. Vic Asuncion runs personality development workshops, professional and personal development training, coaching and mentoring sessions, and youth leadership programs too. Visit the Persona Power - Center for Personal and Professional Excellence Facebook Page for details.

Watch out for news on his ebook, Charisma Power, which we will feature in the blog soon!

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